One of the most popular sports in the entire world is soccer (or football, how it is also known as). Hundreds of millions of fans around the globe are in love with this sport and fair enough, they have a reason for it. The atmosphere and the ground is just incredible and the gameplay is fairly interesting. But another popular endeavor that most of the football fans like is soccer betting.

soccer bettingSoccer betting has been around for awhile now, but with the apparition of the internet, this activity moved in the online field. Now there are hundreds of betting platforms that you can try. The grand majority of the countries have at least a few available right away, but even though they are available…how do you place a bet? Besides the experts in this matter, I’m convinced that some of you have no idea how to do so.

In this article will try our best to explain you the basic principles that will lead you to place a successful bet not only in online, but also in offline at the betting shop of your choice.

What is the procedure in terms of Soccer betting?

  • First: You select the betting location, the platform. You can go with the online betting way or the brick and mortar betting place. If you are looking for some trusted betting website to register and account, we recommend this list of sports betting bonuses that you can also use to claim a great welcome package on signup.
  • Second: Select the matches on which you want to place your bets basically. This is the hard part! You must analyze in large the team’s past performance. This include the overall wins, loses of the favorite team and past encounters with the team your favorite is going against. If they didn’t had a confrontation in the recent past, you can find a team that is similar to the one you favorite goes against. After you analysis is done, you have to choose the outcome with the odds. 1, x or 2. 1: means that the first team wins, x: draw, 2: the second team wins. After selecting the odds, place the bet! That is it!
  • Third: The potential win is calculated like this: your odd x your stake. Well you should know that those points enumerated above are the basics, for more complicated systems will explain them later on another article (like the difference between singles and doubles)

But for now that’s about it!

To place your first winning bet takes some time, patience and confidence. You have to know a little bit about the team’s, gameplay and the factors that influence the team evolution (the field, the formation or the team they go against), after this you will place bets in just a few minutes. We at SoccerH2H wish you all the luck in the world and may the big win be at your fingertips.